1985: SIMO International is created by Pierre GORAL, its current majority shareholder. SIMO is firstly specialized into clothing imports.

1990: SIMO decides to refocus its activity into stock clearances amongst International Top Brands offering sportswear, leisurewear, footwear and hardware.

1996: SIMO is listed at the Paris Stock Exchange, now called the NYSE Euro next.

2000: SIMO became the exclusive clearance house for ADIDAS in 13 countries of Asia Pacific.

2002: Stephane Goral (Pierre Goral’s son) follows his dad’s footprints: he becomes the head of the Board of Directors, while Pierre Goral takes control of the Supervision Council.

2005: SIMO International premises move from the “Plaine Saint Denis” to “Gennevilliers”.

2006: Dépôt Bingo is created in partnership with Charles Sfez (founder of the group Giga Stores).

2007: SIMO buys 15% stakes of Dépôt Bingo’s online shop: “generation shopping”. The website is dedicated to house equipments and domestic furniture.

2009: Secession of “generation shopping” shares.

SIMO International